New Demo: A Million Miles  

It's been a while between work being crazy and moving my studio and home office to a different part of the house, but finally have a new demo track polished up enough to share to the site.  The lyrics reflect the journey a lot of us have been on this past few years, how much we need and cherish the support of the people around us, and how it always feels like we have another million miles to go before we get to our destination.

New Song Concept: Billy  

Really just experimenting with some new recording approaches (double tracking, ping-pong delay, and recording direct from amp sim / cab sim pedals)...maybe will turn this into a full song at some point, or just a cool instrumental to open a set with?  Minimal work done to mix and EQ just wanted to capture some first recordings since moving into the new studio space (aka the kids reclaiming the basement now that COVID is over and moving back into the room above the garage).  Still getting settled in but a pic of the new setup below...

New Idea Track: Whisper in Your Dream  

Had a chance to get some time tinkering in the studio last night!

This is a brand new song written from start to finish in a few hours on a Friday night. The recording was not done using anything other than getting the mix right in the room and then capturing with my iPhone sitting in the middle of the room, so the quality is not great just capturing the idea to see how it sounds. This was only a few takes after writing the song. Will probably change the chorus and bridge to overdriven guitar for more dramatic effect when I actually record, but a little different than my previous songs (tapping into my inner shoegazer). 

The lyrics and overall concept is a mixup of the "To be, or not to be" soliloquy given by Hamlet by William Shakespeare. 

Full studio recording coming soon!

New Idea Track: The Sky is Not Falling  

Check out the new "idea" track called "The Sky is Not Falling":

Just tinkering with some instrumentals to see how they sounds before developing into a song. Basic recording, literally just recording this on iPhone sitting in the room. Let me know what you think! 

(BTW that is not a goat in the opening few seconds, just a squeaky stool, LOL!  Picture of the mayhem and mess in the studio below)