New Demo: A Million Miles 

It's been a while between work being crazy and moving my studio and home office to a different part of the house, but finally have a new demo track polished up enough to share to the site.  The lyrics reflect…

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New Song Concept: Billy 

Really just experimenting with some new recording approaches (double tracking, ping-pong delay, and recording direct from amp sim / cab sim pedals)...maybe will turn this into a full song at some point, or just a cool instrumental to open a…

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New Idea: Happy 

This weekend I was apparently channeling my inner Joy Division, the result is a simple song still needing lyrics but seemed like a fun, light, happy track so going with "Happy" as the working title for now.


New Idea Track: Whisper in Your Dream 

Had a chance to get some time tinkering in the studio last night!

This is a brand new song written from start to finish in a few hours on a Friday night. The recording was not done using anything other…

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New Idea Track: "Don't Walk Away" 

Was able to carve out a few hours last night and work on a new song. Just capturing ideas, no special recording or mixing done...simply put my iPhone in middle of the room and hit record. 

Love to hear any…

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New Idea Track: Breathe 

Had a chance to get some time in the studio this weekend and start recording on a new song called "Breathe".  So far just the instrumentals are recorded, and no mixing has been done (everything just at the volume recorded)…

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New Idea Track: The Sky is Not Falling 

Check out the new "idea" track called "The Sky is Not Falling":

Just tinkering with some instrumentals to see how they sounds before developing into a song. Basic recording, literally just recording this on iPhone sitting in the room…

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New Demo: "Lost and Found" 

I've uploaded a new song, a demo of a song called "Lost and Found" recorded in the Jason Starr studio (i.e. in my basement).  I hope you enjoy...stay tuned for more!  

United Record Pressing

United Record Pressing ( is the largest record pressing operation in North America with capacity to manufacture over 60,000 records per day.  URP proudly partners with many of the world’s largest record labels and their artists, as well as numerous…

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